Light-Up, Illuminated Cube

Yes, I’ve re-decorated. Really, more of a gut-job and rebuild. I like the new look of the site and will post separately about the process and new template soon.

Ahoy to the loyal followers in AIC land. Just a quick check-in post to demonstrate, more than anything, “Yes, I’m still here.” Busy as hell, but re-inspired to get back into cubing after a chance run-in with a hell of a cuber during Toy Fair in New York. He was working a booth next to ours, and I took a few mins to say hi. We wound up grabbing drinks and having a great time nerding it up about cubing and life — perhaps the first two people to trade algs and pointers in a Manhattan speakeasy. (You know who you are. Thanks, mate. It was a blast.)

Thusly re-motivated, I began cleaning out some drawers — and, in so doing, unearthed a special cube that I had modified a few years ago. When I say “modified,” I don’t mean tension and lube. I mean solder, wire cutters, and micro-switches. Yes, the hacked Crystal Cube about which I’ve written a few times.

My ten-year old asked if we could make a video together. So we did. He directed it, helped me scipt the voiceover, and then edited it for me.

He’s a burgeoning Youtuber, finding his own voice as he goes. I’m proud of him, and promised to plug his channel again: Azach’s World. Check it out, if you don’t mind. Even if it’s not for you, perhaps you can give him a sub just to make a ten-year-old’s day?

The solve on the video wasn’t a good one. (So few of mine are these days!) But no matter. It was fun to get back in the saddle. Yes, I know that UUU is the same as U’; yes, I know what a Y Perm looks like; and, yes, I know I lagged on recognizing the last two easy F2L pairs.

Less obvious was a tip I received from said Toy Fair friend: I missed an easy-to-recognize OLL skip: With the last pair joined and the top layer oriented, I could have done L' U2 R U R' U2 L. Yeah, I’m not quite at that level of look-ahead yet!?!


One thought on “Light-Up, Illuminated Cube

  1. Trey Jones March 12, 2018 / 4:30 am

    Long time counselor. Glad to hear you’re still cubing!

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