Happy Fathers’ Day

I wrote a while back about my older son exploring the cube. Well, when my 20-month-old saw me filming the Megaminx walk-through yesterday (on the eve of Fathers’ Day), he wanted in on the act, too.

He rejected the technique in my tutorial as inefficient, and devised his own way of solving the Megaminx: Drop it. Watch pieces fly off. Put it back together. Repeat.

To all the dads out there doing all the things dads do, and to my boys and wife who make this a very meaningful day for me, HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY!


cubism, the shirt

I love Woot, and especially Shirt Woot. Clever designs screened on Amercian Apparel shirts, slung via genius copy writing, and all for $10/shirt (to your door!). Back in September, before I even knew how to solve a cube, I grabbed this shirt for our now-four-year-old:

Woot - Cubism

As the copy explained in prose:

His command of math was really near-cherubic
That game designer they called Erno Rubik
He could turn a little math
Into a bunch of moving squares
And so
Erno Rubik not even once had to boot lick