R Perms Multi-Cam

Following up on my V Perm post, I thought I’d give another go at doing a multi-cam of a couple other long PLLs — the two Rs:

(music: Grateful Dead‘s “The Eleven” played by the Phil Lesh Quintet (9.26.03); cube: Dayan Zhanchi w/ Cube Specialists fitted bright stickers)

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More OLL Dot Cases (##18-20)

Generally, I find the OLL “dot” cases frustrating — there are a bunch of them, they’re hard to identify/distinguish quickly, and their algorithms are long. A few months ago, I worked on a couple OLL dot cases that I had previously two-looked. Those came rather easily. Then I got side-tracked by the Megaminx, 4×4 modding, and PLL time attacks.

I decided to work on more OLLs last week, after stumbling onto Ottozing’s very good Cubing World video showing all of the dot cases. Specifically, these three:

OLL #18


(r U R’ U) (R U2′) r2′
(U’ R U’ R’) U2 r

OLL #19


M U (R U R’ U’)
M’ (R’ F R F’)

OLL #20


(r U R’ U’) (L2 l2′) (U R U’ R’) U’ M’

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