OLL 56 Redux

OLL 56

(Rw’ U’ Rw) (U’ R’ U R) (U’ R’ U R) (Rw’ U Rw)

setup: (r U r’) (R U R’ U’) (R U R’ U’) (r U’ r’)

Hola, amigos. ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I’ve been reinvigorated over the past couple months to get back into cubing — and, yes, the attendant trappings of blogging and producing videos. A little rusty, but it’s coming back.

There was a period of time a few years ago that I rushed to learn a bunch of algs, and ticked through them at a strong clip. The problem, however, was that I never really committed them to muscle memory and auto-retrieval. Fast forward a couple years, and I’ve forgotten many. So much so, in fact, that I sat down to learn OLL 56 without realizing that I not only had learned it in January 2016, but I had blogged about it and recorded a slo-mo video. (Looking back, my execution was actually pretty good!)

Well, two-and-a-half years later, I learned it (again, as it were) for the first time with a new alg that I prefer:

(cube: Cubicle Valk Power M with fitted stickers in my custom color scheme)

What I really dig about the alg is that it flows. No real fancy finger tricks to speak of, but there is a nice rhythm that I couldn’t quite get with the alternate versions.

My goal is to nail down the other Bar OLLs this week, and I’ll post about those when I do. It’s been really useful to “chunk” algs (dots, bars, etc.) rather than learning them purely haphazardly as I previously had. I feel like my recall and recognition is really improving this way. More on that later….


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