47 seconds

With about two minutes before an early conference call, I loaded the timer and gave a cube a whirl.  47 seconds.  Personal best.

This was with my white Dayan Lunhui, restickered with a Cubesmith half-bright set.


two sub-minute solves (personal bests)

Lately, my morning routine at work (about 7:20-7:25) has me shaking off the cobwebs with a freshly-brewed dopio and a couple cube solves.  I haven’t timed myself in a couple weeks, as I’ve concentrated instead on more advanced techniques.  But, for some reason this morning, I decided to load cubetimer.com.  Suddenly, I logged my two personal bests:

I first logged a 52-second solve with a black Dayan Zhanchi, shaving a full 17 seconds of my previous record.  Then, pressing my luck, I logged a 58-second solve on a stickerless Dayan LunHui (my new favorite cube).

These were using the advanced cross technique about which I just wrote, but otherwise basic Beginner’s Method.  No F2L.