41 seconds

Another new personal best.  41 seconds.  Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want?” remix/mashup with Cypress Hill played in the background.


Lego Cube

There was no toy I enjoyed more as a kid than my Legos.  I remember the exact drawer in which we stored them and have vivid memories of building a two-story house with my Dad, with shutters that we would open and close each morning and evening.  In the world before cable TV and the internet and iPads and computers, I had Lego (and Brio) — and that was all I needed.

Now that I’m all growns up, so to speak, with new hobbies and distractions and family obligations, it’s always fun to re-live some of that childhood nostalgia.  My son loves playing with my old Brio set and Lego.  What great cross-generational fun!

Which explains why I was so excited to stumble upon RedKB’s well-produced video showing how to make a Lego-adorned Rubik’s cube.   Continue reading