OLL/PLL progress

Here is a running log (via Google Docs) of my personal progress of learning OLL/PLL algorithms and moving away from the Beginner’s Method. If I’ve blogged about the OLL/PLL, its name hyperlinks to the post.

As I’ve written several times, I am not great at memorizing. So, each of these took a lot of practice — running them over and over and over again until they became part of my auto-mechanical muscle memory.





Case Setup Alg
OLL 25 (sidewinder) (R’ F) (R B’) (R’ F’) (R B)
OLL 27 (sune) (R U) (R’ U R) (U2 R’)
OLL 26 (anti-sune) R U2 R’ U’ R U’ R’
OLL 24 (hammerhead) (Lw’ U’) (L U) (R U’) (Rw’ F)
OLL 21 (cross) F (R U R’ U’) (R U R’ U’) (R U R’ U’) F’
OLL 22 (???) (R U2′) (R2′ U’) (R2 U’) (R2′ U2′ R)
OLL 28 (???) (M’ U M) U2 (M’ U M)
OLL 57 (H) (R U R’ U’) (M’ U R U’) Rw’
OLL 20 (checkerboard) (M U) (R U R’ U’) M’2 (U R U’ Rw’)
OLL 23 (headlights) (R2 D) (R’ U2) (R D’) (R’ U2 R’)
OLL 48 (L / pins left) F (R U R’ U) (R U R’ U) F’
OLL 47 (L / pins right) F’ (L’ U’ L U) (L’ U’ L U) F
OLL 37 (fish block) F (R U’ R’ U’) (R U R’) F’
OLL 33 (T block) (R U R’ U’) (R’ F R F’)
OLL 45 (T pins) F (R U R’ U’) F’
OLL 44 (D block) Fw (R U R’ U’) Fw’
OLL 32 (D pins) S (R U R’ U’) (R’ F R Fw’)
OLL 43 (B block) Fw’ (L’ U’ L U) F
OLL 5 (???) (Rw’ U2) (R U R’ U Rw)
OLL 6 (???) (Rw U2) (R’ U’ R U’) Rw’
OLL 51 (bottle cap) Fw (R U R’ U’) (R U R’ U’) Fw’



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