R Perms Multi-Cam

Following up on my V Perm post, I thought I’d give another go at doing a multi-cam of a couple other long PLLs — the two Rs:

(music: Grateful Dead‘s “The Eleven” played by the Phil Lesh Quintet (9.26.03); cube: Dayan Zhanchi w/ Cube Specialists fitted bright stickers)

For ease of reference, here are the two algorithms:


(R U2 R) D (R’ U R) D’
(R’ U’) (R’ U R U R’)


(R’ U2 R’) D’ (R U’ R’) D
(R U R U’) (R’ U’ R)

The angles on this video are much better, but I still think there’s room for improvement. My walk-through on each algorithm should have been slower and clearer, more akin to the very slow breakdowns in my tough F2L series. Also, the colors from my SLR (upper-right) are really off; I must have had the white balance on a weird setting. Oh well. For the shutterbugs out there, here are the technical details:

  • upper-right: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22L lens, Av @ f/4.5, manual focus
  • lower-right: Sony HDR-SR1 (old!?!)
  • left: Canon VIXIA HF R400
  • editing: Final Cut Pro X

I like doing these multi-cams, and I’m going to keep refining the production. Next I think I’ll do the C-shape OLLs, which I just learned….


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