eliminating U2’

Over the past month or so, I’ve been trying to eliminate U2’ from most algorithms that call for a double-U turn. When I first began cubing, I realized the exact equivalence between a U2 and a U2’ in terms of the position of the cubies. What I didn’t realize was that U2’, in most cases, is more awkward than U2 and often leaves hand/finger positions incompatible with more efficient finger tricks. Also, now that I do double-U flicks with my right hand (while struggling to do double U’ flicks with my left), it’s just a lot slower to do U2’.

This video (and the chart below it) shows that I’ve replaced U2’ in most algorithms, but have purposely left it as U2’ in a couple others:

(cube: Dayan Zhanchi w/ Cube Specialists fitted bright+ stickers)

Jb PLL: (R U2’) (R’ U’) (R U2’) L’ U R’ U’ L
Ra PLL: (R U2’ R) D (R’ U R) D’ (R’ U’) (R’ U R U R’)
F2L 17: (R U2’ R’) U’ (R U R’)
OLL 27 (Sune): (R U) (R’ U R) (U2’ R’)
OLL 26 (Anti-Sune): (R U2’ R’) U’ (R U’ R’)
KEPT U2’ as U2’
OLL 18 (Crown): (Rw U R’ U) (R U2’) Rw2’ (U’ R U’ R’) U2 Rw
OLL 22 (Pi): (R U2’) (R2’ U’) (R2 U’) (R2’ U2’ R)

Of course, old habits die hard. In the middle of solves, I sometimes find myself falling back on the U2’ moves….


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