Since launching this blog a couple weeks ago, I’ve grown a bit more self-conscious about it.  Not so much because of the mockery – I can endure that, especially when dished by anonymous web denizens.  But more a fear that having a cubing-themed blog might project a self-deluded, misplaced belief that I’m actually pretty good at this whole cubing thing.  There’s a sort of hubris that attends launching a hobby blog, a sort of “look at me, and look what I can do.”  It requires a lot of chutzpah in the face of the dozens of other really good cubing blogs run by folks that can solve a cube 4 times faster than I can.

So, I suppose this post is my attempt to say, No no no. This isn’t THAT kind of blog!  Quite the contrary:  This is meant as little more than a personal chronicle. A digital dovetail joint of multiple hobbies – literary, technological, cubist — inextricably fused together.  An homage to the latter part of the blog portmanteau.  This isn’t about gloating, but instead a self-deprecatory documentary of a hobby worthy of jeering and of accomplishments few and unimpressive.  The title was not an accident.  Adventures in Cubing, not The Cubist  or The Cubemesiter or Record-Setting Cubing or even Adventures in Speed-Cubing.

Plain and simple: This is for me.  It’s my way of utilizing a wonderful platform to corral into one place my thoughts, pics, videos, and URL’d distractions.  That it’s public – but not purposely publicized, NB – goes with the territory.  Others will stumble upon this blog, and will find it useful, distasteful, silly, whatever.  That’s fine.  I’m enjoying having a place to document the adventure.

Three months ago, I couldn’t solve a cube.  Two months ago, it took me 6 minutes.  On a good day, it now takes me less than a minute.  I’ll never be Feliks – not even close.  But nor am I’m trying to be.  (The Bieber, however, I’m happy to have beaten.)  I’m just enjoying the distraction, and hopefully deferring brain atrophy in the doing.  I never could have guessed that such a low-tech and deceptively simple toy could monopolize so fully my (limited) free time.  Thanks, Erno.


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