more OLLs (corners correct / edges flipped)

Slowly, I’ve been chipping away at new algorithms and permutations. Last week I learned a faster edge cycle technique (both directions), and I’ll post about that soon. This weekend, I learned more OLLs — the three with the corners correct but edges flipped. I’m not great at memorizing, but these are starting to come fairly easily. More muscle memory than memorization, I suppose. Here’s a quick video with the three:

And here are the algorithms I use:

OLL – Corners Correct / Edges Flipped

OLL #28

(M’ U M) U2 (M’ U M)

OLL #57

(R U R’ U’)
(M’ U R U’) r’

OLL #20

(M U R U) (R’ U’)
M’2 (U R U’ r’)

I had a tough time with OLL #20, especially as taught by Bob Burton. I wound up compressing four of his steps down to two that made more sense for me. Rather than doing double slice turns (M and R slices) and then reversing the R slice, I thought it made more sense to do just M slices. Here’s the comparison:

  • Bob’s: r’ (R U) (R U R’ U’ r2) (R2′ U) (R U’) r’
  • Mine: (M U R U) (R’ U’) M’2 (U R U’ r’)

2 thoughts on “more OLLs (corners correct / edges flipped)

  1. Ryan May 28, 2012 / 10:31 am

    Wow, those are huge time savers. If I can just learn to move that middle row…

  2. Adventures in Cubing May 28, 2012 / 10:58 am

    Definitely time savers. Beginner’s Method algorithms are great for starting and require learning only one for each step. These (and many others) are so much more efficient.

    The middle slice turns aren’t as hard as you think. I do M’ with my left middle finger at the back-bottom edge and pull toward me. I do M with my left thumb pushing down at the top-front edge. M feels much less natural to me than M’.

    If you can learn M’, you can also easily learn the H and Z PLL perms:

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