rubik’s building

Dude, I have the best idea. We’ll, like, put a whole bunch of, uh, multi-color high-intensity LEDs on like a square building and it will totally look like a Rubik’s cube when it lights up. Like a million throwies got stuck on the building in a totally organized way — like the most regimented rave on the planet. And, man, we’ll use one of those magic 3D printer things to make a cube with room for sensors and trick it out with an Arduino kit. Oh oh oh…a bluetooth modem, too. Duh. And then we’ll make the cube talk to a computer that talks to another computer that’s connected to the building, like a friggin’ twenty-first century game of operator. And people can like use the cube to solve the building, man. And it would would be epic — serious nirvana sublime sh#t, dude.

Like sharks with frickin’ laser beams. Only some Austrians really did it:

Right on, man. Right on.