Cubing Through China (34.1 Ao10)

Badly jetlagged from my trip, I had thrown together pretty hastily the preview of my video with 10 solves across 10 unique locations in China. Somewhat better rested now, I pieced together the footage into a (long) video clocking it with an Ao10 of 34.1 seconds. I think that’s my best on camera average, and not bad considering that I was fighting exhaustion the whole trip.

(cube: Moyu Weilong with Cube Specialists fitted Bright+ stickers)

Bad lighting notwithstanding, the video and solves aren’t half bad. Of course, it’s always frustrating doing a post-mortem on solve videos — revealing, as they do, all the mistakes. Besides the twice wrongly executed Ga perms that wasted a few seconds each, the video exposes easier cross solutions, single-look OLLs that I knew but balked at under pressure from the clock, and missed easier F2L pairings. Oh well. A fun and productive trip with some unique cubing locations.

In order, the locations:

(1) LAX > Hong Kong flight
(2) Guangzhou balcony
(3) Guangzhou hotel
(4) Guangzhou airport terminal
(5) Shanghai cafe (Jamaica Blue)
(6) Shanghai street (near People’s Square)
(7) Shanghai provincial tribunal
(8) Shanghai 61st floor office
(9) Old Shanghai (Huxinting Tea House)
(10) Shanghai Maglev Train

I caught some grief for my musical selection in the preview video. The music for this video is more topical, drawn from traditional Chinese pieces I found on YouTube:

0:00 – Chinese Music Traditional Style #21 (情蠱 / The Love Spell)
2:03 – Chinese Music Traditional Style #1 (no track title available)
3:48 – “Chinese Music Traditional Style #19 (風中有朵雨做的雲 / Rain Clouds in the Wind)
7:27 – Chinese Music Traditional Style #22 (做個真的我 / Be Your True Self)

Time to learn some new edge insert tricks….


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