Fung OLLs (##39-40)

The two “Fung” OLLs — the large “square” lighting bolts — each have an occurrence probability of 1/54, and together 1/27 (3.7%). They seem to appear more often for me; I would have guessed more like 1/15. Whatever the frequency, it was time to learn these.

OLL #39

f’ L F L’ U’ L’ U L S

setup: L U F’ U’ L’ U L F L’

OLL #40

f R’ F’ R U R U’ R’ S’

setup: (R’ U’) F U (R U’ R’) F’ R

The standard algs for these didn’t flow very well for me. Digging a bit deeper, I found the alternate ones with the S moves to be easy and regrip-less. Here’s a video tutorial:

(puzzle: Maru CX3 w/ stock stickers)

In terms of orientation, I place the paired edge + corner out-facing U stickers (generally yellow) toward the front. That will place a “stacked” edge + corner pair on either the left or right side of F and S in the U face. That pair should move “down” in the first move. In Fung, they’re on the left, so an f’ will move them down; in Anti-Fung, they’re on the right, so an f will move them down. From there, the algorithms should s-notationflow from muscle memory.

I’m sure these are less common algs due to the S moves, which can be awkward and definitely take some getting used to. I think the only other time I’ve encountered them so far is the advanced f2l edge insert of R S’ (R’ U R) S R’. Remember that the S slice is the one between F and B, notated like F: S moves from left to right across the top, and S’ right to left across the top.

As mentioned in the video, this is the first time I’ve (intentionally) used an external microphone: a Blue Snowball iCE. I wasn’t sure if it would work well, with all the ambient noise in my yard. I think it did, but the mic could have been closer (eliminating the need to boost the volume in post-). It’s a bit more work syncing the audio track, but I think it’s worth it.


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