GIANT 3×3 Cube

So, yeah, another “hardware” post. I haven’t stopped learning algs or anything like that. Mucho in the works…just not ready to commit to film yet.

I recently bought from The Cubicle a HeShu Super Big 3×3 cube — or just Giant Cube for short. How giant is giant? Well, not that giant. Let’s go with relatively giant. At 18cm wide, the Giant Cube is a bit more than three times the size of a standard 57mm cube (three times 57mm = 17.1cm). As shown in the video below, a cubie from said Giant is just a bit bigger than a whole 57mm cube:

The walk-through solve at the end is just to show that the cube can be fun and frustrating at the same time (lockups galore and muscle memory be damned). And to bitch about F2L 36. There’s got to be some non-clunky rotation-less alternative to U2 > Sledge > U2 insert, right?

And, yeah, the packaging is awesome. In perfectly good Chinglish, it highlights among other awesomeness that the cube is both Race-Specific (no multiculturalism here!) and Eco-Froendly [sic] (nevermind that it’s made of never-returning dinosaur byproducts).


One thought on “GIANT 3×3 Cube

  1. Ryan Gromfin July 28, 2014 / 10:26 am

    That cube is huge, love the race specific part of the video!

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