New 3×3 World Record

It seems that there’s a new sheriff in town. I awoke this morning to a youtube stream full of buzz about Mats Valk’s 5.55-second solve yesterday at the 2013 Zonhoven Open. For those keeping score, that’s a new world record — topping Feliks Zemdegs’ 5.66 solve from the 2011 Melbourne Winter Open.

The Solve

Unlike Feliks’ solve, there’s a pretty decent video of Mats’ that he posted on his youtube channel just after the Open:

Pretty remarkable solve. Continue reading


new blindfolded 3×3 world record

As Gizmodo reports, there’s apparently a new (blindfolded) sheriff in town. Hungarian Marcell Endrey clocked a 28.80 3×3 blind solve at the Zonhoven Open in Belgium, shaving two seconds off the previous record of 30.58.

Even more impressive, the 28 seconds includes almost 13 seconds of inspection time. In other words, it was a 15-second blind solve!?!

Looks like a stickerless Dayan — which is illegal in normal competition (since you can see four sides at once). I guess that concern doesn’t exist when you put on a night shade….