first timed pyraminx solve (31 secs)

My QJ pyraminx arrived last week. So far, I’ve spent a couple hours with it and a few good youtube tutorials (this one, especially). It’s a far easier puzzle than a 3×3 cube — not only because it has only four faces, but also because (disregarding the “trivial tips”) each face has only two solvable layers.

Hence, my 31-second solve after very little practice:

As with all mechanical puzzles, the same basic incremental approach applies: make progress, temporarily break it up, do something useful, restore. The unique pyramidal shape and lack of “cornering” makes the puzzle less amenable to finger tricks and more susceptible to lock ups. Still, it’s a fun one, and a nice break from 3x3s.

Inspired by our recent viewing of “The Art of Flight,” the background music is Nero’s remix of Deadmau5‘s “Ghosts N’ Stuff.”


2 thoughts on “first timed pyraminx solve (31 secs)

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