C-Shape OLLs (##34, 46)

My Two-Look OLL post inspired me to keep pushing along with learning more OLLs. I had started learning the C-shapes (##34 and 46), but got distracted when I couldn’t find a decent flow for the latter. Now, I finally found an alternate algorithm for it. Here’s a video tutorial, followed by further explanation:

(puzzle: Maru CX3 w/ stock stickers)

#34: CITY
(R U R’ U’) x D’ (R’ U R) E’ z’

setup: B’ (F R’ F’ R) B U (R U’ R’)

The first case (dot opposite the C) is relatively easy: Sexy Move, rotation, D move, easy trigger, E’. I hadn’t encountered any E slices — the middle slice (the patty between the U and D layer buns) — until this algorithm. Remember that E is notated like D, meaning opposite U. You can set up the case with the inverse or by applying the algorithm thrice.

The second case (bar opposite the C) isn’t much harder, but I couldn’t get a smooth flow out of the standard algorithm. For the standard approach, start with your right hand cocked forward a quarter turn, with your thumb on the UFR corner and ring finger on the DFR corner.

standard alternate
R’ U’ (R’ F R F’) U R

setup: R’ U’ F R’ F’ R U R
Lw F (R U’ R’ U) x U R’
[Lw F (R U’ R’ U) F’ Lw’]

setup: R’ U’ F R’ F’ R U R

When I finally encountered a video with the alternate algorithm for the second case, it got much easier. Start with your right hand cocked back a quarter turn (index finger on the UFR corner and thumb on the DFR corner). After the R U’ R’ U trigger, you can do either F’ Lw’ or x U R’. They’re equivalent, but one may be easier for you than the other. I sort of split the difference....


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