C-Shape OLLs (##34, 46)

UPDATE: I now use a totally different alg for #34: (R U R’ U’) y’ (r’ U’ R U M’)

My Two-Look OLL post inspired me to keep pushing along with learning more OLLs. I had started learning the C-shapes (##34 and 46), but got distracted when I couldn’t find a decent flow for the latter. Now, I finally found an alternate algorithm for it.

OLL #34

(R U R’ U’) y’ (r’ U’ R U M’)

(R U R’ U’) x D’ (R’ U R) E’ z’
setup: B’ (F R’ F’ R) B U (R U’ R’)

OLL #46
(Seein’ Headlights)

R’ U’ (R’ F R F’) U R

setup: R’ U’ F R’ F’ R U R
Lw F (R U’ R’ U) x U R’
[Lw F (R U’ R’ U) F’ Lw’]

Here’s a video tutorial, followed by further explanation:

(puzzle: Maru CX3 w/ stock stickers)

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