Dual Commentary with TazzVidz

stick-figuresAbout a month ago, TazzVidz approached me about doing a dual commentary on his channel. I was a bit skeptical at first. But then I decided that it might be refreshing to do a humble, earnest dual commentary.

I’ve written here ad nauseam that I think I’m a good cuber, but a mediocre speedsolver — dubbing this site a blog for the mediocre. It was in that vein that I did the interview/commentary. He layered the commentary over a video of *him* doing a 4×4 Ao5. I think it came out great:

An excerpt introducing myself:

I don’t think I have the same profile as a lot of cubers. I started in my mid-thirties. I was a father of two, I’ve got a wife, I have a big job. So, I sort of don’t have a lot of time for cubing. It was a hobby that sort of came out of nowhere and that I’m able to squeeze into some spare moments here and there. I don’t practice enough. People are often surprised that I’m not faster than I am. So, maybe I just start with excuses…..

And an excerpt on my 4×4 skills:

For me, the mechanics aren’t there. With a 3×3 I feel like I hold the cube the right way, I feel like I move the layers the right way. When I watch really fast people on 4×4 — much the way I used to watch 3×3 — what amazes me is sort of the fluidity and the mechanics. And for me a 4×4 is just like a totally other world. It’s not a big 3×3. I turn it the wrong way, and I’ve got all these weird things going on. So for me that’s part of the learning curve and maybe with practice with practice that will come more naturally.

Go check out TazzVidz’s channel, and subscribe while you’re over there. He has give-aways, slow-motion algorithm walk-throughs, and a handful of reviews. He’s also a super nice guy.