Winner: Aolong Give-Away

Congratulations to Cubing Cubes for winning my Aolong give-away contest. His video was one of 19 walk-through entries and 1750+ subscriber entries. Here’s a video explnation of the winner determination and my walkthrough of the scramble I had provided:

The Scramble

D2 U' R2 U F2 D2 U' R2 U' B' L2 R' B' D2 U B2 L' D'

No one realized that the scramble was the one on which Mats Valk set the 3×3 single world record of 5.55 seconds.

I thought my own walk-through (my first on video, perhaps?) was pretty decent, although it shows (around 5:30) that I could have paired red/green more easily; I forgot that the back/right slot was empty. And, yeah, there’s that pesky editing error in the audio at 7:10. Oh well.

The 19 walk-through entries were really great, and featured a ton of variety. I pulled them all into this playlist:

Stand-outs include the x-cross by ThePurpleNarwhal; the creative cross of Josh Walker; Kyle Meezan‘s video introduction to the Heise Method; and Rudi Ruessel‘s walk-through based on ZZ method.

But perhaps the coolest part of the walk-through request was that it inspired a couple cubers to post their first videos and even start their own youtube channels:


Goodonya, mates. Very very cool!


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